Val Kilmer May Run for Governor of New Mexico

As America begins to circle the drain, new opportunities are opening in the kakistocracy for the lowest elements of our society. For example, the egomaniacal if mediocre actor Val Kilmer wants to run for governor of New Mexico. He claims to have the support of disgraced current governor Bill Richardson, who was going to be Chairman Zero’s Commerce secretary, but had to bow out due to excessively conspicuous ethics violations.

Kilmer’s attitude toward the military is a good fit with our country’s current liberal leadership. Here he is explaining why an actor knows more about combat than a soldier:

A guy who’s lived through the horror of Vietnam has not spent his life preparing his mind for it. He’s some punk. Most guys were borderline criminal or poor, and that’s why they got sent to Vietnam. It was all the poor, wretched kids who got beat up by their dads, guys who didn’t get on the football team, couldn’t finagle a scholarship. They didn’t have the emotional equipment to handle that experience. But this is what an actor trains to do. I can more effectively represent that kid in Vietnam than a guy who was there.

“Some punk” — Kilmer may not be very good at acting, but like a true lib, he’s an ace at projection.

On a tip from V the K. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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