Reactions From The Rightosphere To The Sotomayor Hearings

Unfortunately, with the number of votes the Democrats have, Sonya Sotomayor seems likely to be confirmed despite her racism and shameless lying about her past statements and beliefs during her hearing. Here’s a round-up of reactions to her first day in front of Congress,

A wise Latina, she previously said, would “choose to see” different facts than a non-Latina. This wise Latina is giving full proof to that as she “chooses to see” an awful lot of “facts” about her judicial philosophy and her previous statements that others plainly don’t. — Ace, Ace of Spades HQ

The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank writes the often-funny “Washington Sketch” column, but I can’t tell if he’s joking with this line in his coverage of yesterday’s hearing: “One slip of the tongue could doom her otherwise secure appointment.”

Considering how she’s likely to get a pass for five or six separate versions of the “wise Latina” comment, now explained as a “bad idea” of a “rhetorical flourish,” I suspect she could heckle back at one of those pro-life protesters and still keep almost all of the Senate’s 60 Democrats, and there are probably a bunch of Republicans who want to score some “bipartisan” points. — The Campaign Spot

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I fully expect Sotomayor to be confirmed by the Democratic supermajority in the Senate. While the nation as a whole doesn’t support her nomination, there simply doesn’t seem to be enough of an immediate cost to her confirmation to make voting for her a short term political risk, which is all politicians care about any way.

The fact of the matter, however, is that activist judges like Sonia Sotomayor and her peers that believe in what Ace so correctly mocked as the “Living Constitution” undermine the laws that holds society together with every decision they make. The constantly shifting standards and “law of the now” approach to jurisprudence means that no law is ever actually law; it is an ever-changing rough guideline. With no fixed compass, the law–as law–ceases to exist. — Confederate Yankee

Obviously, Sotomayor is not being honest. — Gateway Pundit

She seems to lack the intelletual firepower of the two Justices most recently appointed to the Court. And that of such distinguished would-be Obama nominees like Pam Karlan. She seems instead to repeat the standad lines of a liberral, “ethnic identity” jurisprudence.

Well, she does seem to be a suitable replacement for such an undistinguished justice as David Souter. — GayPatriotWest, Gay Patriot

If Sonia Sotomayor was a Broadway musical, she would have closed on opening night. The reviews have been, to put it mildly, awful — and not all from the Right, either. — Ed Morrissey, Hot Air

Today, it’s the SCOTUS ceremonial dance with the Senate.
Republicans will delicately challenge Sonia Somotmayor on racial preferences, Second Amendment rights, property rights, sovereignty issues, and her extracurricular speechifying.

Democrats will bloviate about pet causes (“consumer-friendly” laws, the environment).

Sonia the Wise will assuage skeptics with repeated insistences that she’s “fair,” “impartial,” and committed to the rule of law.

Absent that “meltdown,” Lindsay Graham will pronounce himself satisfied with her ritual reassurances.

And Sotomayor will be one cleared hurdle closer to overcoming yet another set of “incredible odds” to complete her “compelling personal story.” — Michelle Malkin

Judge Sotomayor spent a good portion of yesterday trying to explain away the passages in multiple speeches where she (1) embraced the idea that she sees facts differently by virtue of her life experiences as a Latina and (2) suggested that, by virtue of such life experiences, a wise Latina judge will make better decisions than a wise white male judge.

Much of her testimony on this matter was simply not credible. For example, she tried to argue that her speeches actually say that a judge should recognize the prejudices that her experiences create in order to make sure these prejudices don’t enter into her decisions. But that is the opposite of what she said in her speeches. There, she said she “accepts” that “our experiences as women and people of color affect our decisions” and believes that, other things being equal, these experiences enable women of color to make better decisions that other judges.

Sotomayor’s lack of candor about her speeches was so blatant that, as Jennifer Rubin notes, even some liberal commentators couldn’t swallow it. — Paul, Power Line

Sotomayor – The New “Conservative” Justice?

Move over Clarence Thomas and Sam Alito, here comes Sonia Sotomayor.

I’m not sure who that was appearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the woman everyone expected. As Sen. Lindsey Graham said:

“I listen to you today, I think I’m listening to [Chief Justice John] Roberts.”

She talked about “settled law”, precedent, how a justice must set aside their emotions, even to the point of saying she disagreed with Obama’s declaration that in judicial decisons, “the critical ingredient is supplied by what is in the judge’s heart.”

Perhaps the most unconvincing portion of her testimony, however, was her defense of the “wise Latina woman” comment. She began by declaring that Justice Sandra Day O’Connor couldn’t have meant what she said when she said “a wise old man and wise old woman would agree on a judicial case’s outcome”. Surely, Sotomayor reasoned, if one of them came to a different conclusion, that wouldn’t mean they were unwise. — Bruce McQuain, QandO

An actual left-wing activist judge nominated by a Democrat president, on the other hand, will hug and kiss the Constitution like it was Suzy Kolber, loudly proclaiming that it is their life’s mission to protect the letter and meaning, executing justice without regard to race or creed. Guns? Got 7 myself! Creating laws out of whole cloth? Bad! Bad! Not me, brother!

You see, they don’t tap-dance to avoid admitting their activist ways. They just lie. They deny what they know is true. They tell big, fat, honking lies. All in order to secure the grudging indulgence of Republicans who know the nominee is lying like Joe Biden. It’s a curious sport, but there it is. — E Pluribus Unum, Redstate

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