Real Conservatives vs. “Compassionate Conservatives” And Beltway Republicans

When McCain was in the primaries, hard core conservatives — myself included — couldn’t stand the guy and didn’t want him as the nominee while the moderate wing of the party cheered him on and the independents helped catapult him to victory in the early races.

Now, it’s late in the campaign and who, for the most part, is sticking with him and fighting to get him in the White House? Conservatives. On the other hand, which people are sitting on their hands, trashing Sarah Palin, and in some cases, even backing Barack Obama? Independents and the moderate wing of the party, including guys like Christopher Buckley, David Brooks, and Michael Smerconish who were pushing McCain hard in the primaries.

That’s especially hard to stomach since the moderate wing of the party AKA as compassionate conservatives (half the moniker is right) are largely at fault for wrecking the Republican Party over the last four years.

When this election is over, one way or the other, conservatives need to take the Republican Party back from the moderates who have ruined it. The country needs a strong Republican Party and we’re never going to get it as long as the party is controlled by “compassionate conservatives” and Beltway Republicans.

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