The Big 3 Lose Even More Of Their Audience (Faster Please)

Via Drudge.

“The Obama-McCain match-up is proving to be a lackluster election ticket for the Big 3 network news programs, according to NIELSEN MEDIA RESEARCH.

As the shouting from the trail and the frantic spinning from the anchor desks intensify, the audience is voting with their remotes.

All 3 evening news shows experienced audience drops year-to-year for the week of Oct. 13-19, 2008.

CBSNEWS w/ Couric shed a half a million viewers, falling from 6.4 million to 5.9 million; ABCNEWS dropped from 8.1 million to 7.6 million; NBCNEWS slumped from 8.2 million to 7.8 million.”

I’d suggest that a big part of the reason that they’ve lost audience is that all 3 networks have abandoned any pretense of being non-partisan and are all openly stumping for Barack Obama. You might as well just read the Obama campaign’s press releases because you’ll get the same information with the same spin in a more concise format.

Incidentally, I’d say the same thing goes for CNN, MSNBC, and most of the big papers and national magazines. At this point, every time I hear about layoffs in a mainstream media outlet, I cheer, because the more reporters who lose their jobs, the less warm bodies the Democrats have to use against us.

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