The REAL Reason Why Michelle Is Ticked At Trump For Taking All Hope EXPOSED!

The REAL Reason Why Michelle Is Ticked At Trump For Taking All Hope EXPOSED!

Recently we were forced to endure listening to Michelle Obama speak for all Americans, claiming that we’re suddenly feeling hopeless because Trump is on his way to the White House.

But why is she whining? Even the most petulant among us have a reason for our childish behavior, so what is her reason? (You know, other than being kicked out of her house by a man she hates.)


It turns out that Michelle is actually upset because Donald Trump had the audacity to “redistribute” her hope to the American people.

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I guess she knows what it feels like, now!


Turns out liberals like to be the ones doing the taking, but being on the receiving end is not nearly as much fun!

“Hope is necessary,” Obama added. “It’s a necessary concept. And Barack didn’t just talk about hope because he thought it was just a nice slogan to get votes.”

“I mean, he and I and so many believe — what else do you have if you don’t have hope,” the First Lady said. “What do you give your kids if you can’t give them hope?”

Uhm, well a future in which they’re more than debt-donkeys, hauling around the expense for your liberal policies of “fairness” and “tolerance” which do nothing more than increase our national debt and prevent our kids from having the American dream that we had.

I’d have to say that sounds like a pretty good start to me.

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