Report: Immigrants Use Welfare Way More Than You Ever Thought

Report: Immigrants Use Welfare Way More Than You Ever Thought

Every year, the federal government and the Left come up with phony government reports, telling the American people how more well-off immigrant households are versus native-born households.

Of course, that is a complete lie. In a new report, aside from Ann Coulter being proven correct, immigrants are found to use way, way more welfare services than native-born citizens. Take a look at the numbers:

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Breitbart reports an astonishing 62 percent of illegal immigrant-headed households participated in at least one welfare program in 2012, compared to 30 percent of native-headed households.

While there are restrictions on immigrant welfare use, the report highlights that such bars have not been particularly effective due to a wealth of exceptions.

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“[T]hese restrictions do not prevent immigrant households from making extensive use of welfare programs because restrictions often apply to only a modest share of legal immigrants at any one time, some programs are not restricted, there are numerous exceptions and exemptions, and some provisions are entirely unenforced. Equally important, immigrants, including those illegally in the country, can receive welfare on behalf of their U.S.-born children,” the report explains.

Notably,immigrants admitted to the U.S. as refugees are immediately eligible for welfare, Steven Camarota, the author of the report and CIS’ research director, explained in an interview with Breitbart News.

“A person may work, but also create very significant costs for the welfare system. However, those costs are diffuse, borne by all taxpayers, while employers get the workers they want and the immigrants improve their lives by coming to the United States,” the report reads. “Focusing only on the desire of employers to bring in additional workers or the desire of immigrants to come to America misses the potentially enormous impact immigrant workers can have on American taxpayers.”

Not only are immigrants to the United States, a third of which all come from Mexico, use welfare programs like its water, but ‘political refugees’ are eligible for the programs the minute they step on US soil.

Great. So when those 10,000 Syrian refugees head over here next year, they’ll all be given pamphlets right off the plane on how to apply for food stamps.

Welcome to the Welfare States of America.

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