Rethinking My Position On Trump

The federal government has over 4.3 million full time employees. We’re number 1! Yes, our government is by far the largest non-communist (not yet) employer on the planet. Heck, our Department of Defense alone has a workforce of about 3.2 million, which far outpaces even the gigantic Chinese military which boasts about 2.3 million.
Brent Smith
Well that’s great – we need a strong military. Yes we do, until you discover of that 3.2 million, less than 1.4 million are actually uniformed military personnel. The rest are civilian.
Any way you slice it 4.3 million employees is a lot. I’m a huge advocate of cutting the size of government, so even if one was to trim say 25%, 1,075,000 people, off the workforce, that’s a win, in my opinion. But why 25%? How or why did I come up with that figure?
I didn’t. According to a new survey of federal government employees, conducted by the Government Business Council, the research division of the Government Executive Media Group, “about 14 percent of respondents said they would definitely consider leaving federal service under President Trump, while an additional 11 percent said they might.” This adds up to 25%, with 67% saying the still wouldn’t leave and 8% saying they didn’t know.
While the majority said they would still stay in their do-nothing government jobs, a full 60%, six in 10, “would be ‘embarrassed’ to have him as their boss.” But not embarrassed enough to leave I guess. This compared to 45% for Cruz and only 37% for Sanders. Hillary was about 50%. The breakdown of the respondents to the poll was 35% Independent, 28% Democrat and 26% Republican.
So I’m thinking if we elect Trump, he could single-handedly shrink the federal government employment roll by up to 25%, maybe enough to actually close some departments completely. That could be a big win, considering, one would guess, those who might actually leave would be the real leftist radicals.
Now couple this with the idiots on Twitter, who, in an analysis by digital analytics firm Luminoso in September of last year, found that 200,000 people tweeted  they would leave the country if The Donald were elected.
Luminoso “scoured 4.5 million Trump-related tweets from Aug. 7 through Sept. 9 and found about 4% of them were people promising to leave the country if Trump wins the White House.” Only 4% said they would leave. Not great, but it’s a start.
And as I said, these are more than likely hard left radicals and terminally stupid people who think Trump is a real right-winger. So losing 200,000 of them is another major win, or as The Donald would say, “it’s UUUUGE!”
The places these tweeters say they intended to move to were many, but the overwhelming favorite destination was sunny Mexico. 75,000 said they would settle south of the border, with Canada coming in a distant second of specified destinations with 25,000.
These folks are evidently not aware of the Mexico’s harsh immigration laws. They are nothing like ours. You have a better chance of being hit by lightning than to be accepted in Mexico. And they don’t take kindly to illegals. That and the likelihood of ending up kidnapped or killed by some Mexican drug gang. But hey, if it gets them out of our country, try and try again.
However this time we should hold them to it. Unlike in 2000, when Alec Baldwin threatened to leave the country if George W Bush was elected, but sadly never did, these tweeters should be held to their word and pack up, should Trump become our next dictator. This should be followed by the mass exodus over a million federal employees from their cushy government jobs. This is starting to sound better and better.
Between the exiting of lefty loons, the loss of government hacks, building the wall and deporting millions of illegals, life in America might get a bit better – at least until he decides to also deport us.
Go Trump!
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