REVEALED: Here’s What the Media Is HIDING About Trump

REVEALED: Here’s What the Media Is HIDING About Trump

Well this is definitely some interesting news… Many of us are aware of Trump’s comments a while back where he proposed that we SHUT down our borders to all Muslim immigration until we can put together some kind of action plan on how to deal with the mass migration…it upset many MANY people. Including the legal representation for many Muslim cases, CAIR. But, now it is CAIR who has put out a new poll, that shows us some pretty shocking results…you have to see this.


CAIR leaders were outraged.
Executive director Nihad Awad called Donald Trump a leader of a “lynch mob” who is “doing the work of ISIS.”


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Nihad also used a Nazi reference to compare Muslims in America to persecuted Jews in Hitler’s Germany.

Despite the constant attacks on Donald Trump CAIR released a poll last week showing Donald Trump with 11% support from Muslim voters.


Trump has more support than the rest of the GOP field combined.

Trump has support from 18% of Muslims in Florida!


This past weekend Muslims and Sikhs in the Washington DC area held their first rally for Donald Trump.

Well, unfortunately I’m skeptical, just for the reason of the polls being conducted by CAIR. I mean, believing them, is like believing Obama, or Hillary…or, no we’ll stop at Hillary, it does not get any worse from there.

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