Riddle of the Baby Tiger with NO STRIPES and His Twin Brother Who Has Loads!

Riddle of the Baby Tiger with NO STRIPES and His Twin Brother Who Has Loads!

China is home to rampant despotism and human rights abuses. It is also home to some of the cutest animals. From baby pandas to these new tiger cubs, the world can delight in the rare zoological treasures of China. View these pictures and remember that though they will someday be capable of mauling a man, today, they are simply fuzzy little kitties.


A pair of five-month-old white tiger cubs are due to be unveiled to the public for the first time in Qingdao, north-east China, tomorrow.

The extremely rare animals are a variation of the Indian Bengal tigers and are a protected species within China.

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In particular, one of the cubs is pure white with no stripes – a form of genetic mutation that’s thought to occur only one in 100,000 times, according to People’s Daily Online.

There are currently around 200 of these ‘snow white’ tigers in the world and just seven in China, according to the report.

The snow white male cub was born on July 14 this year along with his twin sister. His sibling has stripes just like their mother.

Both tigers have bright blue eyes and a playful character.

They are the first born of a pair of white tigers introduced to Qingdao Zoo on May 13, 2012.

When they were born, they needed 24 hour care from zoo staff, according to Dazhong Web.

Their enclosure had the luxuries of air-conditioning and heaters so that the temperature is kept constant at 25 degrees Celsius.

They fed on their mother’s milk for 56 days before being weened on meat.

Each day, the two cubs can eat 1.5kg of meat and 10 chicken necks.

These first photographs showed the cubs playfully tumble against each other and hungrily licking the glass window.

Nature can be peculiar. Some of the most-inviting and seemingly cuddliest critters on God’s Earth can be some of the most vicious. These new tigers are adorable and play with each other, but make no mistake: they will someday turn into full-grown tigers who can tear-apart a man.

In the meantime, however, with proper training and care, these cubs and their mom can delight the world with their cuteness.




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