Right Wing Beauty Holly Hobby Lobby Gives Her Thoughts and Opinions on Life and Politics

Right Wing Beauty Holly Hobby Lobby Gives Her Thoughts and Opinions on Life and Politics

On November 3rd, I got the idea to interview Holly Fisher a.k.a Holly Hobby Lobby (or Jihad Barbie, depending on who you ask). With the elections fast approaching, Holly announced she’d be traveling to Washington D.C. to cover the elections and results. The day after, I asked for an interview via Facebook messaging, and when she said yes, I sent her some questions. These ranged from the outcome of the elections to her family life in general. Reading her responses, it became quickly apparent that despite her over-night political fame stemming from a relatively innocent picture as seen below, she is a very family-oriented, down-to-earth person. Enjoy the interview.


Sierra Marlee: With regards to the elections last night, how do you feel about the results on a national scale?

Holly Fisher: I expected to make gains in the House and I expected to get the +6 for the Senate, but the voters went above and beyond my expectations. We’ve got Maryland and Illinois electing GOP governors and Scott Walker beating the Wisconsin unions again and Evan Jenkins ousting Nick Rahall in WV3 after 38 years! I’m absolutely beaming with pride today.

SM: Are you pleased with the results in West Virginia?

HF: I was in the TPNN studio kitchen with tears of joy trying to keep up with WV results. We knew we would take the House, Democrats have had it for 83 years. We didn’t think we would sweep it like we did. We didn’t even have the senate majority in our minds because it was so far out of our reach but the voters of WV blew me away, and our senate is now an even split. I am one of the people who was out during the summer knocking on doors and talking to voters and some days were frustrating and I thought I was wasting my time. To see the guys I pushed the hardest for even when everyone told us there was no chance, to see them unseat incumbents, I’ve never had a prouder moment involving my state or politics. I’m proud of WVians for really taking the time to pay attention and find out who is best for them. As far as our national races, Republicans now hold all of our congressional seats, Capito turned our senate seat red, and now all the Democrats have left is Joe Manchin who will probably switch parties. It would be impossible for me to be happier with the outcome in WV. I have a restored hope for the future.

SM: What are you hoping that the now-Republican Congress will get accomplished in the next two years?

HF: I want Congress to represent their constituents the way they promised to. I want them to work for us and I want a full Obamacare repeal. I want to get to the bottom of this long list of Obama administration scandals and see justice served where it should be so we can show these politicians that they work for us and this country belongs to the people. This administration needs to be made an example of.

SM: Were there any disappointments last night?

HF: There were a few disappointments last night. I was really pulling for Scott Brown in NH and Dan Bongino in MD. My disappointment pales in comparison to all the positives though.

SM: Are you looking ahead to the 2016 election? If so, how are you preparing?

HF: I have started looking forward to 2016. After Scott Walker’s huge win, I think he may be a strong presidential contender. I am a Ted Cruz girl, the way he sticks to his convictions even when they aren’t popular, we need that kind of spine and moral compass in the White House. For now I’m going to try to promote the guys I support, keep getting the truth out to people via social media, the radio, knocking on doors, just whatever I can do to keep getting voters to dig deeper and care about who they choose to shape our futures.

SM: Are you teaching your children to be politically involved?

HF: My children are still too young for anything involving politics, but I will be raising them with my conservative and Christian values and I hope and pray they will carry them with them throughout their lives. I will encourage them to do their homework before elections, to actively support their base, and always stand up for what they think is right and what they’re passionate about. I never want my kids to have the mindset that someone else will do it for them.


SM: If there is any, what does down-time in the Fisher household look like?

HF: Ninja turtle battles, Mario Kart, my kids love hide and seek, so sometimes I hide in a closet and catch up on emails or social media! We laugh, we yell, we wrestle, we sleep on an air mattress on Fridays and watch Netflix and smash popcorn into the shag rug. It’s pretty much 24/7 chaos. We swim, we fish, we bowl.

SM: We know that the liberals and progressives don’t exactly hold you in high esteem. How do you deal with the hate they direct toward you?

HF: The liberals have given me any notoriety I’ve received. Their hate and nastiness have brought more attention to me than anything else, so I guess I should just thank them and continue praying for them. When someone attacks me personally, I know it is because they are too weak-minded to have an intelligent discussion, so I see it as a win. Most of the attacks are entertaining and I don’t take any of them to heart. I’m proud of my beliefs, I’m secure with myself, so if someone hates me for being different, I think that says more about them as a person than it does me.

SM: People often form opinions based on what they hear from others, which isn’t always accurate information. What would you like people to know about you?

HF: I want people to realize I am human. I love my God, my country, and my family. I love all people, whether or not I agree with their politics, sexual preference, or abortion stance. I am not just an Internet meme or a Twitter avi, I am a person with friends and family members who read the nastiness and the twisted misinformation and assumptions. I am strong, but not everyone who gets large amounts of hate is, and I want people to know when they’re threatening the life of someone online they don’t agree with, calling her fat, ugly, worthless, I want them to understand that that is someone’s daughter or sister or mom and they have feelings. I want these kinds of people to know that they are what is wrong with the country, not the people who peacefully speak about their beliefs, a right granted by the Constitution.

SM: Who do you look up to politically and personally?

HF: From an outside, supportive position, I love Barbara Bush. She’s strong, yet classy and snarky, all in one. When it comes to politicians, though I would not support her for president, I admire the person Sarah Palin is. She gets so much thrown at her, your average woman would break, they would run and hide and be silent, like the left wants. You never see Sarah flinch. She sticks to her guns, she still speaks up, she comes back stronger every time they try to knock her down. On the media side, I really admire Scottie Nell Hughes and Dana Loesch. They both get hate, but they continually show how intelligent they are, how passionate they are, and they are above the personal attacks and they know how to turn a nasty situation into a humorous one or even turn it around to educate the haters. I admire them for their political views and for their character.

SM: What plans do you have for the future of your radio show?

HF: My future is wide open right now. I’m in the beginning stages of a collaborative effort with a fellow conservative who happens to be a social media star. It’s going to be exciting, fun, informative, and for all conservatives. I plan to keep growing and accepting offers that will help me reach more people, because at the end of the day, that’s why I do what I do. I want to reach people. Already in this business I see people’s egos and hunger for that stardom cause them to self destruct, and my ultimate goal is to never get too big for my britches and to always care more about sharing the truth with people than my number of Google hits.


Though Holly Fisher has gotten more than her fair share of hate, she stays strong in her beliefs and convictions. I believe that we need more people like that in our society. Who would you like to see interviews from in the future?

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