Right Wing Radio Week in Review: August 10 – 14, 2009

To leftists, there’s never a bad time to call somebody or something “racist.”

But if a conservative uses the word “racist,” he must be destroyed!

As you may or may not recall, Glenn Beck said Obama had a “deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture" on FOX & Friends back on July 28.

(Of course, Obama attended a black supremacist church for twenty years, and referred to his grandmother as “a typical white woman,” and wrote a book with the word “race” in the title – which no politically ambitious white writer could ever get away with. But that’s not “racist” or anything.)

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A black activist group calling itself Color of Change (yawn…) has so far intimidated five of Glenn Beck’s advertisers into dumping their sponsorship of his TV show.

But here’s the best part: the founder of Color of Change is none other than… Van Jones, the self-described Communist and Rodney King rioter who now “works” at — the Obama White House.

And needless to say, Color of Change is a non-profit organization, which means it couldn’t exist without the forced extortion of your hard earned tax dollars, and those taxes forked over by… big corporations like the ones buying airtime on the Glenn Beck show.

Once again: useless rent seekers, professional “victims” and parasites torment and bully creative, risk-taking, law abiding citizens who actually contribute useful goods and services to society.

Being leftists, and therefore having no idea how big business actually works, Color of Change is loudly boasting about the success of its “boycott” – even though, “the advertisers referenced have all moved their spots from Beck to other day parts on the network, so there has been no revenue lost,” according to a FOX News spokesperson.


And of course, Beck’s legions of fans quickly organized a counter-boycott. There’s not much you can do about Progressive; as their very name suggests, that insurance company is a long time financial backer of lefty causes. Instead,  I suggest you contact another one of the targeted companies – Geico – and tell them where they can stick their little green lizard.

As ordinary Americans dare to take to the streets to stop their nation’s slide into socialism, the elites respond by blaming the “trouble” on Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh.

For instance, previously obscure liberal talk show host Mike Malloy renewed his calls for Glenn Beck to commit suicide on the air. Classy, huh?

And even though they admit that threats to Obama haven’t increased lately, that didn’t stop ABC News from blaming these (imaginary) increased threats on… Rush Limbaugh.

But anti-talk show rhetoric tends not to go over too well in the heartland. When Republican Congressman Bob Inglis told a South Carolina town hall audience to “turn the television off when” Glenn Beck “comes on,” he was roundly booed.

As you can imagine, Beck and his radio show producer had some fun with that… (transcript).

Meanwhile, the increasingly pathetic Senator for Pennsylvania, Arlen Specter, took to blaming Rush Limbaugh for spreading “rumors.”

Specter is a deeply unpleasant individual; however, I too take issue with some of Rush’s recent assertions– like his saying that the Obamacare logo looks vaguely Third Reich-ish. Which it does, but only because the ancient symbol for the medical profession, the caduceus, does too.

(The larger issue is: why Obama the only President in the history of the United States with his own logo, which he insists on plastering on everything in sight? What narcissism!)

There are way too many Godwin’s Law violations going on on conservative talk radio recently, and as much as I support their cause, I wish Beck and Limbaugh would back off the “Hitler” stuff.

(Not everyone agrees: on Friday, Limbaugh read excerpts from a new essays by Andrew C. McCarthy, called “Nazis for Me, but Not for Thee.” And James Taranto of the WSJ, which condemn the double standard the left elites use to decide who can cal who a “Nazi” or a “fascist”. Very worthwhile reading…)

But remember: all this heated rhetoric simply gives liberals the excuse to do things like “ban” talk radio show hosts as panelists, as CNN did this week. That “ban” will likely last about ten days or so – about as long as the “Glenn Beck Boycott.”

Sitting in for Mark Levin on Tuesday, Michael Berry stated that the CNN ban simply proved the “populist power” of conservative talk radio – power that CNN, for all its supposed might, can’t compete with, and deeply fears.

Berry also warned that the ban was a way to test the waters, to see if the long rumored return of the Fairness Doctrine (i.e., a de facto ban on conservative talk radio) might finally fly with the general public.

Anyway, if Rush Limbaugh can dish it out, it seems he can also take it. Rush will be playing himself on an episode of the ultra-liberal TV comedy Family Guy this season, after Brian the dog starts tuning into his talk show.

Somehow I can’t imagine, say, Keith Olbermann having the guts to do something similar on South Park

Hugh Hewitt was a way, so Guy Benson talked to Mark Steyn (and up & coming conservative comedian and filmmaker Steven Crowder) on Thursday. (Free audio.)

Asked to reflect on Yale University Press’s cowardly decision to publish a book about the so-called “Danish Mohammed” cartoons without showing the actual cartoons in the book, Steyn (who’s fought his own battles with censorious, belligerent Muslims) responded:

…my natural reaction when the cartoon thing came up, I posted them at my website at the time, because the minute a guy says you publish this and I’m going to kill you, that’s the time to stand up and say hey, nuts to you, pal. Every single newspaper on the planet is going to publish these things, and you can’t kill us all. And you have to at some point stand up and resist this thuggery. And if you’re…and this gets to the heart of the problem with Islam’s relation with the Western world, is if you’re so sensitive, if you’re so touchy about it, you look at what Christians put up with. They have to have…you look at a guy like Bill Maher, who thinks he’s Mr. big, brave, you know, transgressive, bold, provocative comedian, mocking Christians all the time, mocking them all the time, all the time. Christians put up with it. They shrug it off. Who cares about Bill Maher? Why is it Islam can dish it out, but they don’t want to take it? And that is a problem, ultimately, for Islam’s place as part of Western society. 

Of all Dennis Prager’s shows this week, the one most likely to get downloaded and played for “significant others” will be his instant classic: “Male/Female” Hour: “Do I Look Fat in This Dress?” The usual great insights and advice from Prager and his callers.

(Alas, archived audio is available to Prager’s Premium Members only. However, you can get complete mp3 recordings of all your favorite conservative talk radio shows for the price of one of those radio show subscriptions. You can try out this recording software for free – it comes complete with a Conservative Radio Module so you can choose the shows you want to record with just a couple of clicks. [Here’s a video demo of how it works.] This is great for times you wish you could play a particular show to friends or family after they’ve aired…)

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