Rudy Giuliani SHREDS Beyonce for Being a Cop-Hating Race Baiter

Rudy Giuliani SHREDS Beyonce for Being a Cop-Hating Race Baiter

This world is exhausting…and after the half-time show for the Super Bowl, it’s become even more so. Nothing is safe from activists…not even the Super Bowl. Beyonce had the audacity to use it as a platform to support Black Lives Matter…and a sort of salute to the creation of the Black Panthers. This performance ironically…made possible by her safely arriving to the stadium by POLICE ESCORT!

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The 2008 presidential candidate appeared on “Fox & Friends” on Monday and blasted the provocative performance.

“I think it was outrageous,” Giuliani said. “It was terrible.”

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He said the halftime show should be used to provide “decent, wholesome entertainment” and not as a bully pulpit to attack law enforcement officers.

I wish Beyonce would stop hiding behind her lyrics, outfits, and dance moves and just come right out and be clear with where she stands… Is she for a movement that promotes endangering the lives of our Police Officers? She needs to just say it…and if she isn’t… she needs to SAY IT TOO… All she is doing right now, is leaving it to people to use their own perception on… and that is the best way to do the MOST damage. She speaks about love, yet breeds hatred. Pick a damn stance Beyonce…and if you do support the anti-police narrative. Don’t be calling on them to ensure your safety…EVER again.


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