RWN’s First Mention In The Washington Post

RWN was mentioned in the Washington Post today as part of article about candidates advertising with blogads. Here’s the relevant copy,

“There are hundreds, if not thousands, of such blogs, each offering its own, usually partisan, take on the nation’s politics. But a handful have attracted somewhat sizable followings. On the left, there is, for example,, and On the right, there are, among others,, and Experts said the sites are ripe for political advertising because they reach thousands of people who are clearly interested in politics, and whose political leanings can be readily surmised. “This is the campfire that the partisans are gathered around,” Copeland said.”

Ahhh, how sweet it is to get a mention in the WAPO which I think could fairly be called America’s #2 paper behind the New York Times. On the other hand, as far as I can tell, the WAPO sent me very little traffic, but that’s always how it goes with these dead tree mags that don’t use hyperlinks.

Incidentally, if you’d like to check out or contribute to the campaigns of our candidate advertisers, Robert Lamutt, Bryan Coffman, & Nathan Tabor, feel free to give them a look.

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