Chuck Hagel Is A Clown — There Isn’t Going To Be A Draft

Thanks to Chuck Hagel’s latest irresponsible & thoughtless comments about reinstating the draft, lefties around the net are again unneccessarily freaking out about getting drafted.

For example at the Democratic Underground, we have threads titled…

— Could reinstatement of the draft spark a neo counter-culture?
— The DRAFT: It’s easy to send kids to war when they are not your own
— Maybe the draft is what this country needs
— Did anyone just see Hagel talking about the draft on CNN?
— DRAFT: ….yes or no? & what about drafting women?
— Draft — is it a Litmus Test?
— CNN Poll on the Draft

…and that’s not even all of them.

I’ve gone into detail about this subject before, but let me reiterate that…

— The Bush administration says it’s opposed to a draft.
— The military is opposed to the draft.
— Support for a draft in Congress — on either side of the aisle — is almost negligible.
— Pushing through a draft would be political suicide.
— The military is currently meeting its recruiting goals.
— There has yet to be any sort of mass exodus from the military or National Guard despite the war on terrorism.
— We are not THAT short on troops. We have 160k+ in Europe and South Korea right now for example.
— Armies filled with military conscripts have proven — not only in our experience but world over — to be far less effective than armies composed of volunteers. That’s not to denigrate the draftees who fought in Vietnam and WW2, it’s just acknowledging the obvious fact that people who want to be in the military and intend to be there for a while are going to outperform those who don’t want to be there and intend to leave as soon as possible.

There isn’t going to be a draft in the foreseeable future and anyone who tells you otherwise is either ignorant, a grandstanding blowhard like Chuck Hagel, or trying to mislead you…

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