Saudi Blogger’s Lashing Put On Hold After Doctor Decides He Has Not Sufficiently Recovered

Saudi Blogger’s Lashing Put On Hold After Doctor Decides He Has Not Sufficiently Recovered

Raif Badawi has been sentenced to 1,000 lashes, a £177,000 fine, and ten years in prison after having the gall to say something negative about Islam. As part of his punishment, he is to receive 50 lashes every Friday for the next 18 weeks, but a group of medical professionals decided Badawi cannot undergo the next 50 lashes, as he has not adequately recovered from the last week’s brutality.


From The Daily Mail:

The flogging of an internet blogger in Saudi Arabia has again been put on hold due to health concerns after he was inspected by a group of doctors.

Raif Badawi is facing 1,000 lashes for criticising clerics in Saudi Arabia but last night a committee of eight doctors requested its suspension on medical grounds, Amnesty International said.

Only a few days ago Saudi Arabia was accused of ‘outrageous inhumanity’ after it delayed the father of three’s flogging sentence so his wounds could heal before he was whipped again.

Mr Badawi, 31, has won support from governments and human rights groups around the world after he was sentenced to ten years in prison, a £177,000 fine and the lashes.

His official crime was to insult Islam but supporters say his real offence was to criticise the country’s powerful Sunni clerics on his blog. He faces 50 lashings every Friday for the next 18 weeks.

Today Amnesty International repeated its calls for the ‘torture’ so be unconditionally stopped.

The organisation’s Middle East deputy director, Said Boumedouha, said: ‘Instead of continuing to torment Raif Badawi by dragging out his ordeal with repeated assessments the authorities should publicly announce an end to his flogging and release him immediately and unconditionally.

‘Raif Badawi is still at risk, there is no way of knowing whether the Saudi Arabian authorities will disregard the medical advice and allow the flogging to go ahead.’

Bowing to massive international condemnation, King Abdullah had recently referred the case to the country’s supreme court, giving Mr Badawi’s supporters a glimmer of hope it would be halted.

However, there has been no official statement from the Saudi government on the monarch’s intervention, revealed by Mr Badawi’s wife, Ensaf.

Last Friday Amnesty, which has adopted Mr Badawi as a prisoner of conscience, said he was taken out of his cell in Jeddah and examined by a doctor who decided that the wounds from his first set of 50 lashes last week had not healed.

The round of delayed lashes will now be stopped for a second consecutive week given last night’s similar assessment.

Leaked video footage taken on a mobile phone is believed to show the first flogging session, as a shackled and standing Mr Badawi is hit on his legs and back by a policeman with a switch.

This type of inhumanity is one of the reasons that people don’t like Islam. Any “religion” that condones this type of behavior has some serious issues.

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