Say, About Obama’s Mandate To Implement Single Payer…..

One of the talking points we keep hearing from Democrat talking heads and other sheeple is that Obama was overwhelmingly elected along with a mandate to completely change the health system. Of course, he only beat McCain 53% to 46%. So, does this Rasmussen poll mean there is even more of a mandate to NOT implement government run health care?

Thirty-two percent (32%) of voters nationwide favor a single-payer health care system where the federal government provides coverage for everyone. A Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 57% are opposed to a single-payer plan.

57% to 32%. What does this tell us? For one thing, it tells us that 32% of the poll respondents are brain dead grasshoppers who want no part in being adults and taking responsibility for their own lives. Oh, and that an even bigger majority than Obama won by want no part of the government being in charge of their health care.

And government will eventually be in charge, make no mistake about that. Obama says you can keep your plan if you like it (interestingly, he keeps saying that the entire system is broken and sucks, yet, you can keep the same health insurance that is broken and sucks?), and, he is correct. You can. Until you decide you want to make a change, even a tiny one. Then you must move into a government approved one. If you work for certain really big companies, you have a 5 year grace period before any change forces you into a government approved plan.

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Fifty-two percent (52%) believe such a system would lead to a lower quality of care while 13% believe care would improve. Twenty-seven percent (27%) think that the quality of care would remain about the same.

Obviously, 52% read what happens in countries with government run plans, countries like France, Germany, England, and Canada. Or, perhaps they just look at Oregon

Quick, someone report the Independence Institute, who made the short film, to the fishy email address and call them un-American.

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