Arab American Institute Says Amer. Conservatives are Racist, Dangerous

James J. Zogby is the president of the Arab American Institute out of Washington D.C. and he thinks that if you are an American that stands against President Obama’s communistic healthcare policies, or you happen to believe in the integrity of our borders, or you are worried that this nation is being systematically dismantled one brick at a time by Big Government overreach then you are angry, dangerous, and obviously a racist, nativist.

Publishing this sort of accusatory blather in the Saudi Gazette for Sunday, August 8, Zogby, an American, gives succor to our enemies who happily read his nonsense as they smugly sit in their oil-bought royal palaces and smile at America’s supposed turmoil.

Zogby assures his Muslim readers that American Conservatives are “angry and alienated,” are responsible for a “persistent presence of anti-black sentiment,” and are about to promulgate a “full-fledged nativist siege that could tear apart the fabric of our nation.”

And guess what? It isn’t because we have any idea what we are talking about. No siree. Why, we couldn’t possible be right that our nation is being destroyed from within by bad policy, anti-American ideals, and ruinous government growth. No, it has to be because we are idiots that are being mislead by “radical talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh and Mike Savage, Fox News and even CNN’s Lou Dobbs.”

This from a guy that puts himself forward as a representative of a religion currently swathed in violence perpetrated by a powerful, dangerous and wealthy minority that is daily across the world beheading those that oppose them, bombing people to pieces for just living their lives as non-Muslims, and generally threatening the freedoms of everyone that does not agree with them. Pardon me for being indelicate, but the truth is simply the truth.

Zogby puts the American conservative forward to his Muslim readers as the worst boogieman, the Great Satan, someone that is both stupid and evil at the same time. He calls us racist, violent, unthinking.

But what exactly has been the product of these “dangerous” American conservatives? Have conservatives been rampaging across the country killing Mexicans, burning Muslims at the stake, or tar and feathering government officials? Have conservatives been responsible for bombing government buildings, or killing shoppers at malls? Have “foreigners” and opposing political operatives been attacked and beaten by conservatives anywhere in the country? What “dangerous” actions have conservatives been involved in?

Well, to name a few things, there have been several hundred tea party rallies where people chanted a few chants, politely held some signs and firmly replied to a CNN reporter’s support of Obama. There have been a lot of townhall meetings where conservatives and centrist Democrats alike have expressed their fervent desire to quash a government take over of our entire healthcare system, too.

And what about the actual action items pushed by these eeeevil conservatives? Have conservatives suggested that followers should spread fear and violence? Have they been encouraged to storm the halls of government with torches and pitchforks? Not at all. The ultimate end for conservative protests is to get everyone to read the Constitution and to vote out of office those that won’t…. and that’s really about the extent of it.

Further, until President Obama sent out his supporters from ACORN and unions to confront the average Americans that have been protesting at townhalls there’s been not one shred of violence. It wasn’t until unions appeared to beat up the little old ladies and aging old men that are frightened by Obamacare that any violence has occurred.

So, with what proof does the president of the Arab American Institute — a member of the single most violent religion currently in existence — justify his calling of conservatives “dangerous” racists? Where does this extremist, demagogue get off claiming it is we conservatives that pose the “threat” to the nation?

I think you can answer that for yourself.

The simple fact of the matter is that American conservatism is not in any way a movement built on “racism.” And “nativism,” with all its negative connotations, is also not a proper descriptive word. We are proud of our country, yes, proud of its history and systems, naturally. But a conservative welcomes with open arms anyone that agrees that the United States is a unique and uniquely welcoming country. Conservatives embrace anyone, native born or not, that finds the wisdom and common sense ensconced in the Constitution as something worth fighting for.

A conservative thrills at the American ideas of liberty, personal responsibility, and self-reliance and affirms that these ideals are part of what forms the sort of American exceptionalism that has made this country great.

That means that foreigners that come here are expected to become one of us, not stay strangers in our midst. That means that the rule of law be accepted and that our traditions and institutions be adopted. That means that government must remain small, staying out of the way of the people. That means that politicians work FOR us, not OVER us. And it also means that we demand the right to speak up when we see these principles being undermined by anyone.

We are sick of politicians that think they have been sent to Washington to rule us instead of govern and we are sick of demagogues and liars like Obama and Zogby telling us to shut up and simply bend over for any policy our “betters” decide is best for us.

If it makes me a “dangerous” conservative to believe that the founding fathers created the single best system of government ever devised by the mind of man, Mr. Zogby, then I gladly accept the appellation.

And there are millions just like me.

So, go ahead, Mr. Zogby. Cozy up to your Arab elites, those agitators that have sent billions across the world to foster terrorist movements. Sidle up to these haters, oppressors and despots. Take their money and buy yourself a rich and luxurious lifestyle. But don’t say that we true Americans are the ones that are dangerous when it is we that are trying to save this country from sell-outs and enemies like yourself.

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