SCARY Video Shows Man High On Drugs With ‘Superhuman Strength’ Becomes Dangerous To The Cops

SCARY Video Shows Man High On Drugs With ‘Superhuman Strength’ Becomes Dangerous To The Cops

PCP is a hell of a drug. It can grant superhuman strength and it makes it particularly dangerous for police officers when they have to confront a suspect who is high on PCP. This video shows just how scary it can be:


It took a truncheon, karate kicks, pepper spray and taser for police to finally arrest a man exhibiting superhuman strength inside a crowded McDonald’s.

Workers at the Maryland restaurant had called the police after the man started throwing chairs around and arguing with himself.

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But when two officers arrived, it took them seven minutes to subdue him, despite the fact they were using numerous weapons against him.

Police said the man – later identified as Marcus Anthony Moratellli, – was able to exhibit such superhuman strength because he had taken PCP, a powerful synthetic drug that can temporarily stop feelings of pain.

He immediately became ‘combative’ when two officers attempted to arrest  him, police said.

‘I commend the officers for exercising extreme restraint,’ David Morris, chief of the Riverdale Park Police Department told WTOP.

Video of the incident uploaded to YouTube by witness Ricky Martinez has been viewed more than 200,000 times.

Martinez wrote in the video’s caption that about four to eight minutes before police arrived, the man appeared to be talking to himself and started to bang on a table.

‘After not paying attention to what he was saying, he began to bang on his table like if it were drums and was doing it a bit too loud,’ Martinez wrote.

‘I had just assumed he was a person of special needs maybe, and once again, didn’t pay attention.

‘He soon started punching his table like if it were a person and knew, he was becoming aggressive and an endangerment to the public’s safety.’

Martinez, who was at the eatery with his mother and two younger siblings, added that the hostile man started throwing chairs and a wet floor sign to the ground.

In the video, the two officers who arrived to the scene can be seen chasing Moratelli around McDonald’s as he refuses to get down on the ground and surrender.

The shocking footage shows the seemingly invincible Moratelli being able to withstand an officer’s kicks, pepper spray, knightstick hits to the back and being tasered multiple times.

At one point, the video shows one of the officers attempting to tackle the defiant man from behind, but that did not even stop him.

It took about seven minutes for the police officers to gain control over the situation and place handcuffs on Moratelli as he was pinned to the ground outside in the drive thru.

A spokesman for the Riverdale Park Police Department told Mail Online that they received a call around 3pm on September 4 for a disorderly person inside of the McDonald’s restaurant located on Kenilwoth Avenue.

Two officers arrived to the scene shortly thereafter and found a man, who was not wearing a shirt or shoes, acting disorderly by throwing chairs around and arguing with himself.

After being arrested he was transferred to a hospital where he was being checked to see if he has any mental health issues.

Riverdale Park police chief Morris told WTOP the fact that the tactics used by the officers failed to subdue him are also clear signs of someone under the influence of PCP.

‘They used less lethal force to try to take this guy into custody, to get him to the hospital and arguably saved his life,’ he added.

He also said that cases involving PCP use have increased in the area.

I once saw police try to take-down a naked man high on PCP. They used multiple tasers until finally, they could subdue him.

Remember this the next time some liberal friend says, “Why would anyone need a gun? I carry pepper spray.”

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