School May Punish Students for Wearing Air Force Logo

School May Punish Students for Wearing Air Force Logo

Two patriotic sisters have been told by their school that they could be punished for wearing the Air Force logo.

The girls’ father, Phillip Rolen, said, “It’s political correctness run amuck.”

Fox News reported:

His twin daughters were told that the Air Force logo violated the dress code policy of the Aubrey Independent School District. The 11-year-old girls were told they could face disciplinary action if they wore the jackets on school property.

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“These girls were born on an Air Force base so you can imagine my reaction,” Mr. Rolen told me. “It’s absurd.”

Mr. Rolen and his wife are Air Force veterans who raised their daughters in a “pro-military environment.”

“I’m patriotic,” he said. “Military tradition is rich in our family.”

In a statement to a local news affiliate, the school defended itself. The Superintendent said, “Aubrey ISD has a student dress code to follow, just as our military personnel are expected to wear uniforms. The dress code, which has been in place for over a decade, instills pride, discipline and levels the playing field for students to allow them to focus on learning.”

Fox reported:

According to the district, all logos must be smaller than 1 ½-inch by 1 ½ inches. Outerwear that has larger logos must be left in lockers during school hours.

Mr. Rolen said his daughters were “bummed out” by the controversy.

He said they had purchased the jackets with money they made by selling cakes in a jar.

“They wanted to use their own money to buy their winter coats,” he explained. “They have a sense of pride in the military.”

He said his daughters have decided they will continue to wear the Air Force jackets – even if it means getting suspended from school.

“I told the school that we’re going to fight this,” he said.

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