School Principal Gets Targeted By ACLU For Praying For His Students

School Principal Gets Targeted By ACLU For Praying For His Students

There are many who confuse the freedom of religion protected in the First Amendment as a right of Americans to remain free from any mention of Christianity or God. In keeping with this fictional protection, the ACLU is targeting a principal for having had the audacity to pray for his students. According to Allen West:


Today I received the following email from a mother whose son attends Walnut Hill Elementary/Middle School in Keithville, Louisiana.

She wrote, “I wanted to get in contact with you because this week my son’s school principal came under attack by the ACLU. A parent (who is not affiliated with the school) contacted the ACLU because they heard our principal was praying for the kids. The community is definitely standing strong and rallying by him. We are having prayer at the pole tomorrow at 10 am central time. I invite you all to please come help us show this is still the America that’s a nation under God!”

But not if the ACLU has anything to do with it.

Marjorie Esman, Executive Director of the ACLU in Louisiana writes that the job of the school principal is to teach and uphold, rather than violate the legal rights of all.

In her letter to the school superintendent, she says “It has been brought to the attention of the ACLU Foundation of Louisiana that (Walnut Hill) has engaged in a pattern of religious proselytization by sending messages to parents invoking prayer, and through a lengthy ‘Principal’s Message” on the school’s website.”

“This letter is to inform you that these messages violate the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and comparable provisions of the Louisiana Constitution, and they must stop immediately.”

Principal Albert Hardison had the gall to post this Principal’s Message on the school website entitled “Truly We are Blessed” which contains this apparently offensive language:

“On mornings when the sun is beaming or hidden, our student prayer group, “Hornets for Hope,” pray and give thanks to the Son of God for carrying our school over the thorns of negativity and the thistles of discord and setting it gently on the petals of harmony and the lily of tranquility. Our “Hornets for Hope” thank God for giving us a school that believes in God, family and education.”

Yep, them’s fightin’ words if you ask me, and must never be uttered in public lest they violate the legal rights of all.

The ACLU has urged the school to immediately remove all religious references from the school website, educate the staff regarding the Constitutional protections of students and staff from religious indoctrination, and tell the principal that neither he nor his staff may include religious references of ANY kind in school communications.

The First Amendment protects Americans from an establishment of state religion; it does not blanket citizens in a cloak designed to shield them from any mention of religion.

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