School In Vegas Tells Parents It Plans To Teach Their 5-YEAR-OLDS How To MASTURBATE

School In Vegas Tells Parents It Plans To Teach Their 5-YEAR-OLDS How To MASTURBATE

Seriously Las Vegas? How is this even something up for consideration? A new sex-ed program in Nevada is pitching exactly that-


There was a new curriculum pitched to 50 parents that would overhaul sex education. This new overhaul would include teaching 5 year old kids how to masturbate. #Lovely

Naturally, many parents who attended this pitch were upset with what they were hearing

Keep in mind, this is the 5th largest school district…in the country. This would affect A LOT of kids.

From via TPNN:

“You want to teach my 5-year-old how to masturbate?” said parent Julie Butler, according to the paper.

“We certainly should not be teaching five-year-olds that masturbation and pleasuring one’s body is good and that a 12-year-old should know about the very details of anal and oral sex,” another parent said, reports KTNV.

According to Fox 5, parent Ronald Withaeger said to school board members, “‘Masturbation should be done in a private place.’ That’s kindergarten through third grade. You’ve got to be kidding me. There’s no need to know that at that age.”

A high school student told the board, “I think I went through about 20 pages and I couldn’t continue with it because some of the stuff was just too disturbing to me at the age that I am and I’m 17-years-old.”

As a mom, this horrifies me. I would not allow my kids to be taught about something so adult at such a young age. IF the district actually follows through with this disturbing curricula, there better be some exemption paperwork provided to these parents. My own parents were hesitant to allow me to attend sex ed. It was most assuredly tamer than this proposal. The frightening extremes that the school wants to go to in the name of “teaching” is frightening to me. Our kids deserve to maintain some innocence. They have the rest of their lives to grow up, pay bills, and worry after their own babies and spouses. Let them be little as long as they can. You have taken their future in so many ways, Obama. Don’t take their innocence, too.


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