Scott Baio shares hilarious SABO-created ad mocking Cher on actual bench in Beverly Hills

Scott Baio shares hilarious SABO-created ad mocking Cher on actual bench in Beverly Hills

It’s no secret that the celebrity ‘elite’ are far and wide, talking point, self-important, useful idiots. The whole of America knows this. Heck, there’s even a painfully sarcastic parody ad that explains the feelings that most Americans have for celebrities that treat the average voter like complete idiots…now yes, I myself believe that there are more idiot voters out there than should be, but the majority of these celebrities are included on that list.

But I digress.

If you can remember, celebrities have been threatening to leave the country ever since they thought we gave a damn…and it has always been over a political loss. Well, it’s old news now, but these Hollywood freaks have really cranked up their game when it came the this past Presidential election. Those celebrities included Amy Schumer, Jon Stewart and Lena Dunham among others, and they have all taken turns with their little, ‘threat’…if that’s what you want to call it, I guess.

Now, we could discuss any one of these fakes and mock them till we are blue in the face, but for now, let’s focus on just one and what a famous street artist has done to totally mock her stupidity.

And our victim is?


That’s right! The gift that just keeps giving. Cher. The woman that might have promised to leave…the PLANET.


SABO, the infamous conservative street artist, created several ads and billboards on Sunday of various Hollywood snobs – Cher in this case – having a moving sale, with the real estate agent in charge of making the deal being none other than Donald Trump himself.


These faux-ads were discovered all over the Pacific Palisades, Brentwood and Beverly Hills area, and were passed along on Twitter by Trump Supporter, Scott Baio


With one Twitter user, Marie Theresa, reacting with a comment, “Do these celebrities realize how foolish/spoiled/ridiculous saying this made them look?”

Well Marie, the answer is no, because when you become a sheep-for-the-left celebrity, you get the privilege of self-importance…along with the delusion that normal every day folk actually care about your opinions.

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