Scott Walker Needs to Dump his GOP Consultants to Get His Mojo Back

Scott Walker Needs to Dump his GOP Consultants to Get His Mojo Back

scott walkerWhat the heck happened to Scott Walker? Regular readers of this blog will know that he’s my #1 choice for the GOP nomination. Well, I have to admit I’m very disappointed with his showing thus far. His debate performance was tepid, his message has become muddled. But, there’s still plenty of time to recover and get back into the hunt.

The first thing Walker has to do is fire all establishment GOP consultants on his staff. They’re not worth a wad of spit and the only thing they know how to do is lose presidential elections.

Second, it’s time for Scott Walker to be Scott Walker. He has a compelling story to tell and he’s battle tested against fighting against the Liberal machine.

Third, don’t go after Donald Trump. The smart play is to not alienate his supporters if Trump falters. Look at what happened to Rick Perry. He went after Trump hard and made himself look like a whiney wimp in the process. Result? Perry went down in flames fast. I suspect that Perry was advised by his GOP consultants to rip Trump. Well, that makes my point about GOP consultants. It’s much better to echo Trump and mix in Scott Walker too.

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Fourth and probably most important, operate outside of the PC prism. Trump has done the GOP field a tremendous favor by refusing to operate inside the PC realm. Ben Carson never operated in the PC realm and look how well he’s doing.

Scott Walker has put himself behind the proverbial Eight Ball. Nonetheless, it’s still 5 months until Iowa. That’s an eternity in politics. Yes, it’ll be a tough slog. Even if he follows my advice it might not matter if the Trump train is unstoppable. But, Walker is only in his 4os and comes from an important battleground state. Trump will be looking for a running mate.

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