Screwtape, Wormwood & Hillary

Screwtape, Wormwood & Hillary

I never publicly question a person’s ‘claims of faith’….. but for Hillary Clinton, I am compelled to make an exception.

screen-shot-2015-09-03-at-4-20-36-pmListening to Hillary deliver the keynote speech at the National Baptist Convention— and actually speak on Christianity, I was reminded of reading about ‘Screwtape‘ and his nephew/ protege ‘Wormwood‘—AKA the demons from the C.S. Lewis classic: “The Screw Tape Letters

This bestselling CS Lewis work is a series of letters between a Senior Demon Screwtape and his nephew Wormwood, a Junior Tempter. The uncle’s job was to help polish his nephew’s skills of deception when it came to securing the damnation of humans…. referring to them only as “the Patient”.

In short, Screwtape advised Wormwood on how best to deceive and tempt humans into disobeying God…. so as to keep the humans from salvation.

The Screwtape Letters became one of Lewis’ most popular works (if you don’t know it, you should). The letters actually first appeared weekly in a newspaper column in the early 1940s—back when people could read..

Anyway, back to Hillary—speaking in front of an embarrassingly small crowd, Hillary claims she clinton-demon36-300x207taught Sunday School.  No joke, it’s in this video if you can bare to watch it.

“When I used to teach the occasional Sunday School class, I often taught on that lesson (of Jesus)”  -Hillary Clinton, Sept 8, 2016

Was there Sniper Fire too Hillary? Did a video make you do it? Ahhh, what difference does it make?

Screwtape would be proud of his niece.


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