INSANE! $250,000 Lamborghini Drives RIGHT Into San Diego Floodwaters…

INSANE! $250,000 Lamborghini Drives RIGHT Into San Diego Floodwaters…

I’d cry if my $2000 car was ruined playing chicken with a flooded street…let alone a $250,000 car! This driver must have money to burn..either way what they did was INSANELY risky! This Lamborghini gone submarine video is NUTS!

Video shows the brazen motorist trying to defy nature by zooming through the massive floodwaters in San Diego.

While other taller cars had no problem wading through the waters, the low and slim Lamborghini Gallardo was immediately washed into the giant puddle.


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The submerged supercar got drenched and trudged through the deep, murky waters on San Diego’s streets.

Jeff Chin, the photographer who caught the wet drive-thru had serious doubts the souped-up car would make it through the deep waters, he told the Daily News.

“[It] probably wouldn’t of made it because it’s a low car,” Chin said in a Facebook message.

Once it finally reaches shallow waters, the Lamborghini Gallardo speeds off, in hopes of never falling for the water trap again.

The luxury car is estimated to cost around $250,000.

What I’d give to hear what was going on in that Lamborghini when it was submerged under water…it was your classic, fall down and get back up like nothing happened type number. Hah!

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