Serial ‘Military mistress’ who stole 100k from her 14 husbands, wanted for fraud – with hubby #15

Serial ‘Military mistress’ who stole 100k from her 14 husbands, wanted for fraud – with hubby #15

She did it for love!  Or maybe she did it for the $100,000 she stole from her victims.  Well, for whatever reason she did it, she served her time and is not back out on the run, this time, with her new husband!  The two who have been accused of passing bad checks, are now on a romantic honeymoon campout in Oklahoma, avoiding the police.

Military Wife Fraud Picture

“Bobbi Ann House, 39, who hit headlines in 2010 for marrying at least 14 servicemen and then draining their bank accounts – with one spouse losing $100,000 to her – is again wanted by police after getting out of prison and remarrying.

However this time it is both House and her new husband, Zackerie House, 27, who police are after, accusing the couple of writing a series of bad checks worth at least $13,500.

The purchases started in western Oregon in early March, then moved through Oregon coastal towns and into Colorado and Oklahoma. 

The two are now believed to be hiding out camping, with their last fraudulent transaction for a ‘large quantity’ of outdoors supplies and groceries at Atwoods, a farm and ranch chain store in Checotah, Oklahoma, on March 30, Oregon Live reported.

Officials released photos of a car the pair are believed to be driving – a blue 2005 Cadillac Escalade – which they bought by a fraudulent $1,500 down payment at Universal Auto Sales in Salem on March 14.

The car, which they took possession of March 14 and has the license plate 535BWP, has been listed as stolen. 

While investigators believe the two are camping, they do not know where, and have asked anyone with information to come forward.

Marion County deputies said they have probable cause to arrest Finley and House for their use of fraudulent checks in Marion County.”

Obviously, they must first be caught in order to stand trial for these allegations. Unfortunately, the two most likely won’t be able to share a jail cell once they’re caught.  Having already done time before, she already has the built in support system on “the inside.”

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