SHOCK: D.C. Nuke Plant Completely Unguarded, Breach And Contact Reactor, Reporters Find [VIDEO]

SHOCK: D.C. Nuke Plant Completely Unguarded, Breach And Contact Reactor, Reporters Find [VIDEO]

We would all like to believe that when we go to sleep at night, our nation is being dutifully protected. In this shocking report, we learn a large nuclear plant is not only unguarded, but just anyone can drive RIGHT UP TO THE GATE WITHOUT ENCOUNTERING SECURITY OF ANY KIND.

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From the article:

The Obama administration has oversight of the physical protection of nuclear plants through the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, whose commissioners are appointed by the president. The commission sets security requirements for plants like Calvert Cliffs.

A spokeswoman for the commission on Monday defended the state of security at Calvert Cliffs. Told of the padlocked guardhouse and lack of visible security teams, spokeswoman Diane Screnci responded this way: “Based on the security inspections we’ve conducted on an on-going basis, security at Calvert Cliffs is appropriate to protect the public health and safety.”

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Kory Raftery, a spokesman for the plant’s owner, Exelon Corporation, told TheDC that manned checkpoints are “not required” at all nuclear power plants. He said the corporation’s nuclear power plants are “highly-secure, virtually impenetrable facilities.”

“The fences and checkpoints you see at Calvert Cliffs are only a small part of our defense in depth security strategy,” he said. “In fact, much of our defense lies in the things you can’t see.”

Asked why the plant maintains a checkpoint if no officers work in it, Raftery replied: “Nuclear security is always evolving. I can’t get into too many details, but redeployment enhanced overall site security, increased safety for our officers and provided more effective use of resources.”

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Don’t take our word for it. Check out the video for yourself and see if you feel like padlocked security booths and being able to come up to the gate of a nuclear power plant feels ‘safe’. See if you REALLY believe that these are “highly-secure, virtually impenetrable facilities.” Dr. Lyman states in the article: “What I think has happened lately,” Lyman said. “Is the industry has really let those owner-controlled areas protections just completely erode. And so they’re leaving the checkpoints unmanned all the time and not doing surveillance of the areas so people can enter the owner controlled area without any problem or detection. And I think that’s a problem.”

Yes, Dr. Lyman – this, indeed, is a problem.



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