Shocking Map Shows the TRUTH About the US Border

Shocking Map Shows the TRUTH About the US Border

In case you were wondering if the people of Mexico and American liberals were MASSIVE hypocrites about the border wall, the answer is yes.

Yes, they are.


From Young Conservatives:

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The latest leftist propaganda wafting through the mainstream media like a cloud of mustard gas are claims that Donald Trump is a racist.

Liberals freak out at the very sound of the word “Trump,” because he wants to put up a wall to secure our southern border and stop the flow of nearly 20 million illegal immigrants in this country.

The irony of all this is that Mexico’s immigration laws are actually stricter than ours. Mexico deports more illegal immigrants than the United States, and Mexico is trying to seal its southern border to prevent migrants from Central America from sneaking into their country.

When’s the last time you heard a liberal, the mainstream media, or an illegal Mexican immigrant call the Mexican government racist?



Let’s be real, folks. Having a border wall is no different than having a fence around your yard and anyone who tells you different is simply being intellectually dishonest. Anyone who tells you that we don’t need a wall is supporting the unregulated import of child sex slaves, drugs, crime and worst of all, the miserable conditions forced upon the people who are travelling with coyotes. Rape bushes ring a bell? Getting tougher on our southern border would SAVE lives, not ruin them.

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