Shoplifter nicknamed ‘Toys R Us’ in prison for stealing millions with his mom reveals tricks of the trade

Shoplifter nicknamed ‘Toys R Us’ in prison for stealing millions with his mom reveals tricks of the trade

Michael Pollara is spilling the beans on how he once stole millions of dollars from Toys R Us, department stores, pharmaceutical stores and mall specialty stores.  By bringing his mother along, he was able to sneak out much more merchandise.

The Daily Mail reports,

Pollara admitted to taking the loot to criminals who traffic stolen goods called ‘fences’ and also sold items on eBay.

‘There’s only five methods,’ he said of shoplifting as he rocked back and forth in his seat.

‘Either it’s on you, either, if you’re a female, it’s in the purse, either it’s in a bag or it’s in a shopping cart or it’s in a box.’

Pollara’s signature shoplifting was to take a box and empty the contents and then fill it up with expensive items.

He’d then purchase the box, sometimes after buying a wet bottle of water, and put the box in the bag while the cashier was wiping his or her hands.

Pollara’s mistake was using the same customer cards when he went shoplifting and that lead to Toys R us building a case against him.

Sgt. Rich Rossman of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office followed Pollara around on one shoplifting spree that took all day and involved more than 20 stores. Pollara admitted he has looted stores in all 50 states and traveled all over the world, visiting 25 countries due to accumulating travel points. Arrested in 2012, he served about two years in prison, admitting to stealing the equivalent of an entire Toys R Us store over the years. His mother was placed on probation.

Now that he has spilled all of his secrets, let’s hope he stays honest. Anyone who has the work ethic to steal all day long from stores has what it takes to earn an honest day’s living all day long.  Watch the video below to see how he did it in the surveillance clip. 

Rachel Alexander

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