SICK! Black Pastor Tell Hillary “NO,” – Then Hillary Decides To Get Revenge…

SICK! Black Pastor Tell Hillary “NO,” – Then Hillary Decides To Get Revenge…

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is built upon a massive deception. They try to hide her involvement in crimes, they try to hide her nasty personality and they try to hide her failures. When the presidential candidate was refused a speaking spot at a coalition of predominantly-black churches, Clinton’s campaign got nasty and smeared the pastors as liars.


Hillary Clinton’s campaign endlessly hounded this historically African-American church for a speaking engagement, but they gave her the stiff arm:

The leaders of the Church of God in Christ, a historically African-American church, have turned down multiple speaking requests from individuals representing Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, according to a source familiar with the decision.

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The influential Christian denomination has 12,000 churches in the United States with more than 6 million members around the world.

Whether to allow Clinton to speak publicly to the congregation was discussed among Church leaders on three separate occasions – including a recent request to speak at its annual international convocation in November, according to a source familiar with the discussions.

This year’s convention will be held in St. Louis and expects to host 40,000 attendees as well as many influential speakers and musical artists.

Previously, Clinton representatives asked permission for her to speak publicly at the congregation meeting of bishops and at a women’s convention, according to the source who was familiar with the conversations.

Although, when asked about it, the Hillary campaign accused the church of lying:

“That’s simply not true,” Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill told Breitbart News when asked for comment. He did not elaborate on the campaign’s efforts to communicate with the church’s leadership. (Read more: Breitbart)

Is there anything that Hillary WON’T lie about? Well, it looks like some people are starting to catch on to it. Especially this church —  and they aren’t going to allow her to use them for her own advantage.

They could have used a variety of excuses; they could have cited a scheduling conflict. Instead, the Clinton campaign decided to smear the group of black pastors as liars- which is especially ironic as Hillary has thoroughly refused to be honest with the American people on a wide variety of topics.

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