Singing Delaware cop back for dashcam duet

Singing Delaware cop back for dashcam duet

Remember the police officer who wowed us all with his lip sync of “Shake It Off”? Well, he’s back, and he brought a partner along for a hysterical “Dashcam Duet.”


The original video, uploaded in January, was part of the Dover PD’s Dashcam Confessionals series and was comically called #dashcamdiva. It’s been reprised with a second edition called #DashCamDuet.

In Dash Cam Duet, uploaded Wednesday morning, Davis is joined by his singing partner Cpl. Demetrius Stevenson and, in an attempt to hide his love for Tay Tay’s ubiquitous hit, the pair scan through various songs including “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea and Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud.”

And, much to our listening pleasure, they know every song.

Davis’ now famous hand and head gestures return along with some funky moves from Stevenson, but Dash Cam Duet has one stark difference from its viral predecessor: Rather than lip-syncing, both officers are actually singing (or, rather, trying to sing) the array of Top 40 hits themselves.

Paramore, a band whose song “Ain’t it Fun” was featured in the video, tweeted Dash Cam Duet out to their 3.7 million followers and it has already hit over 175,000 views on YouTube after being up for only 24 hours.

No, their voices aren’t great, and sometimes you might think a lip sync might be easier on the ears, but what they lack in skill they make up for in enthusiasm. The Dashcam Confessions series is aimed at “engaging the community,” and based on the interaction with the videos, is a rousing success.

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