Sixty-Three Year Old Veteran Finally Gets His First Home… For Free

Sixty-Three Year Old Veteran Finally Gets His First Home… For Free

Well, here’s your feel-good story of the day: A 63 year old Army veteran has finally achieved his dream of owning his own home, thanks to a charitable initiative by Bank of America. (Evil corporations, right?) Joseph Cummings was invited into his new home for the first time on Friday in Pearland, Texas.

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Cummings, a widower, was identified through the Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation as a recipient of one of thousands of homes made available through Bank of America Merrill Lynch. The program helps turn foreclosed properties into rehabilitated assets that are offered to deserving veterans of limited means completely mortgage free…

“You know, people are not supposed to see a grown man cry,” said Cummings as he entered the front door. “I’ve never been able to say I owned a home before.”

“You can shout it now,” a friend told him.”

“I can’t shout it without crying,” he said. “But I own this. This is mine,” he said with a tear in his eye.

The house, vacant and a neighborhood eyesore since Hurricane Ike in 2008, was restored with the help of the Houston-area housing assistance organization Woman, Inc. And it is the latest in the more than 1,600 homes provided by Bank of America. The company’s original plan was to offer at least 1,000 homes in a 3 year period. Even though BofA has far exceed its original estimate, the company says it is committed to continuing the program.

The truth is, Americans are tremendously generous people. Charity is not something that can be forced from us through taxation, or redistribution. The private sector, fueled by profit and prosperity, is the only force in existence with enough capital to fund philanthropy, charity, and “just” causes. Bank of America, helping to give homes to deserving veterans, is just one of thousands of examples. (Then again, I guess those evil bankers were probably just looking for a tax break, right?)

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