“SO FIERCE” He Says: Barbie Puts Little Boy In Ad For The First Time

“SO FIERCE” He Says: Barbie Puts Little Boy In Ad For The First Time

Tolerance junkies will eat this up…but will they see that the labeling they so dislike, is actually Oozing from this Barbie commercial….? BARBIE is definitely digging for the PR in this one…



For the first time ever, Barbie has a commercial out featuring a boy playing with the iconic doll. And they don’t jump in halfway. He’s got his hair did and he throws sassy twist in for good measure.

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“Moschino Barbie is so fierce!” That’s what the youngster exclaims before he puts a purse on Barbie’s plastic arm. At the end, he holds a tiny cell phone to her ear and says “It’s for you, Moschino Barbie’ and then gives the camera a wink. ADORBS! is probably something the tolerance junkies are saying.

The ad is of course being called “boundary-breaking” and “stereotype-shattering” by places like Huffpost Gay Voices and Mic.com. Because nothing says progress like a small boy in heavy gel and leather talking about how fierce his “super-expensive designer fashion house” co-branded Barbie doll is. We’re finally opening up the advertising industry to rich kids who follow the latest in runway trends. Truly we are atop the mountain.


Oh, uh, yes, you’re supposed to think the boy is gay. Obviously. What’s that? They said challenging gender roles isn’t about sexuality? Are you saying they lied? Tch. You crazy girl. Taking on Barbie. You better work!

Here are just a few of the thoughts from the comment section…

Joshua 1 day ago
Just leaving A positive comment, to block the vile ones from being seen. This is a wonderful ad, very nice to see gender race and sexual orientation equality in this advert. We’re finally moving into 2015
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MarcinVis 2 weeks ago (edited)
First BOY in Barbie commercial YES, YES and YES!!! 21st century – FINALLY! And he is so cute! LOVE this commercial :)
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Mister Met 12 hours ago
OMG!!!! This is so super good. I’m Swedish and this reminds me of my homeland. So glad progressive values are finally taking root. I mean it’s 2015, come on! That boy is wonderful and he’ll be prepping the bull for years to come!!!!!
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RogersB 12 hours ago
Good on you Moschino and Barbie! Progressive as hell! Goes to show you can be whoever you wanna be. Nice work!
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Michael 2 hours ago
+RogersBase what does “progressive” REALLY mean? I don’t like it!
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TJP7 16 hours ago
WHAT THE ACTUAL F*** . First off, the girls sound like f****** materialistic Kardashian wannabes. And then using a little boy as a gay stereotype? What the f*** is that about? Little kids aren’t gay or straight, they’re just kids. Let kids be kids, instead of sexualizing them to fit a political agenda. F****** idiots. Pathetic.
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Anonymou 11 hours ago
And this is why Russia would destroy the US in a war.
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The things greed can do to people…I’d like to see where Barbie puts their money.

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