Socialist Speed Bumps

You might think that potholes should be repaired. You might even think that’s what the government is there for. But no: repairing potholes costs taxpayer money that could better be used for bureaucrats’ salaries. Besides, potholes serve a purpose: they’re like speed bumps, but even more effective, because the bigger they get, the more they slow you down.

Officials in the small English village of Navestock, some 25 miles (40 kilometers) northeast of London, are considering leaving many of the town’s potholes unfilled as a way to bedevil the speeders who zip through town at a breakneck pace.

There’s another advantage as well: Leaving the potholes alone is a lot cheaper than fixing them.

City councilor Mike Parrish said the plan would help return many of the town’s smaller roads to their original status as country lanes.

“It seems potholes are good on our quiet little back roads,” he said. “Not fixing those might save us time and cost and also be a traffic calming measure.”

No wonder our liberal rulers don’t want us driving SUVs. They might enable us to navigate degenerating roads. Ideally, there would be no roads, only light rail tracks leading back and forth between the housing project and the welfare office.

With socialized medicine taking hold, progressive ingenuity will soon be applied to medicine. Government doctors will refuse to operate on lung cancer, because having it makes patients less likely to smoke, thus improving their health.

A socialist speed bump slows down a driver.

On a tip from Shawarma Mayor. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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