Something Odd Was Noticed on the Reagan Golf Course After Nancy Reagan’s Death

Something Odd Was Noticed on the Reagan Golf Course After Nancy Reagan’s Death

It’s nearly impossible to really describe in words just how much former first lady, Nancy Reagan, meant to America and the conservative movement. After her passing, all types of tributes have been shared in her honor. However, what is making the news now is a certain tribute that is above all others…one that many people is are calling a tribute from the man above.


That’s a rainbow above one of Ronald Reagan’s favorite places on earth, a Palm Springs, California, golf course and vacation spot that he frequented both during and after his presidency. On the morning after her death, this is what this Twitter user woke up to:

If that isn’t enough, get this: “Rainbow” was Nancy Reagan’s Secret Service code name. (Her husband was “Rawhide,” and the folks at the Secret Service like to keep things alliterative when it comes to the family.)

Some other Twitter users shared their experiences with similar phenomena after the death of a loved one:

Born Anne Francis Robbins on July 6, 1921, Reagan took the screen name Nancy Davis, using her stepfather’s last name. She met her future husband when he was president of the Screen Actors Guild.

She would follow him into the California governor’s mansion when he was elected to the state’s highest office in 1966. After two failed attempts at the White House in 1968 and 1976, her husband would finally secure their residency at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in 1980.

She was a passionate advocate for many conservative causes during her time as first lady, perhaps none more so than her anti-drug campaigns. Her famous catchphrase, “Just say no,” is still widely used to discourage young people from using drugs.

What a beautiful way to send her off to heaven.

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