Son of Christian Pastor Held By Iran Receives a Powerful Letter from Dad on His Birthday

All Jacob Abedini wanted for his birthday was for his father, imprisoned by Iranian officials for his religious beliefs, to be brought home.  He even begged President Obama back in January to please bring his father home. Pastor Abedini hasn’t made it home yet, but he did manage to get his son a birthday present


I could see in his eyes that he’s a dad and for him to see that that’s what Jacob wants — it was a really emotional moment.

The boy’s birthday is coming up quickly, and he hasn’t given up hope that his father will somehow be there for his birthday party. He even sent his dad an invitation to the birthday party via some friends who visited Saeed in Iran.

Pastor Abedini, not wanting his son to be disappointed, sent this emotional letter in return, which was published by the American Center for Law and Justice.

You can read the full letter from his father here.  If you could spare a prayer or two for his safety and eventually return home, I’m sure that would be ok too.

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