‘Sorcerer’ kidnaps & sacrifices a six-month-old baby in black magic ceremony

‘Sorcerer’ kidnaps & sacrifices a six-month-old baby in black magic ceremony

Wow, I never thought that I would be writing a news story about a real life ‘sorcerer’. But THIS truly happened. A sorcerer promised to grant a man a child if he would kidnap someone else’s 6 month-old baby so the sorcerer could commit a gruesome sacrifice upon the child.

The young female baby was stolen from her parents’ home in eastern India, while they were sleeping with the door open to counteract the blazing heat. The so-called sorcerer lived next door to the family and was arrested for taking the helpless baby and cutting her with a dagger at a burning ghat – a small fire by a holy river that is used for cremation – and then put into the flames.

Of course the sorcerer was named Karmu Kalindi. He told the fatherless man, Bhadohi Kalindi that if a newborn baby were slaughtered in a ritual fashion, it would appease some god and provide the man and his wife with a baby of their own. I guess they don’t believe in good old fashion kidnapping because neither have a conscience.

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The local police officer Sandip Bhagat said that the two men had penned confessions telling where they buried the body of the baby on a river bed after dripping its blood into the burning ghat. He continued,’We have solved the child-theft mystery. The accused have confessed to their crime. The dagger they had used for sacrificing the child has been recovered.’

When the child originally went missing at the end of last month, fears increased in the area that child-snatchers were prowling for newborns. Consequently, furious mobs have already claimed the lives of nine innocent men in separate incidents after they were accused of attempting to steal children. For some bizarre reason, these godless practices are said to be common in the state, where self-proclaimed healers attempt to fool illiterate and healthcare-deprived residents.

The parents of the child, Subhash Gope and Parvati Gope (the folks who left the door open). said they wanted the death penalty for the killers. Ironically, they reportedly sought help from sorcerers themselves in hunting down the perpetrators. These people are in dire need of true Christianity.

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