Stacey Dash Goes NUCLEAR on Race Baiters After Oscars

Stacey Dash Goes NUCLEAR on Race Baiters After Oscars

By now, I’m sure many of you have witnessed the awkward moment that took place when Stacey Dash walked out onto the Oscar stage…it was awful. Not because of her, but because it was a testament to how awfully hypocritical Hollywood really is. They speak out on equality, and “one love” but have no mercy on anyone who thinks, acts, or lives differently then they do. Sickening…


On Sunday, Oscars host Chris Rock jokingly introduced Dash as the new director of the “minority outreach program,” and as a black conservative in Hollywood which, as the minority of the minority, she would be uniquely qualified for.

“I can not wait to help my people out. Happy Black History Month!” she said as she briefly appeared on stage.

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She was met with stunned silence by the crowd.

After her appearance, Dash said she thought the audience seemed “awestruck.” Having no regrets, Dash also said she believes she’s the perfect person to “be the head of diversity,” and made no apologies for believing “we are all equal.”

But the silence from the audience didn’t carry over online where she was met with vitriolic tweets, some of which she read on Monday.

No worries Stacy Dash….you did good. I’m rather embarrassed for the audience though, shame on them.

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