Star Ditches Hollywood to Take the ISIS Problem Into His Own Hands… Literally

Star Ditches Hollywood to Take the ISIS Problem Into His Own Hands… Literally

While our president tip-toes around jihadists and even refuses to cite the danger posed by radical Islam, one man, an actor, is taking the fight to terrorists in the most literal way. Western Journalism reports:


Portraying larger-than-life heroes on screen is often the pinnacle of an aspiring actor’s career; but Pirates of the Caribbean star Michael Enright would rather share the stage with those heroically waging war against Islamic terrorism.

After undergoing serious training, he has reportedly spent the last two months embedded with fighters in Iraq.

According to recent reports, Enright traveled to the Sinjar mountain range where he joined forces with the People’s Protection Units — a military organization on the front lines in the effort to neutralize ISIS terrorists. He was reportedly moved to action after noticing the increasingly common acts of terrorism against Westerners — specifically James Foley’s beheading.

Enright explained that he felt the desire to “absolutely annihilate them and kill them on sight.”

He then apparently did just that. The 51-year-old explained that he made the abrupt transition from civilian to combatant as he keeps watch, armed with a Kalishnikov rifle.

Referring to ISIS as “an abomination,” Enright said he is happy to be part of “something that I think will outlast me.”

He said he hopes others will see his decision as a call to join in the effort to eradicate terrorism, urging everyone to do “whatever we can, in whatever way we can.”

With no military background and little experience with firearms, Enright explained that he is having success guarding the area and preventing ISIS’ expansion in the region. His natural proficiency with weapons will undoubtedly serve him well as he embarks on one of his most dangerous missions.

“Where I’m going in the next two days,” he told the Daily Mail, “say a prayer for me; because I’ll be going to a place which has a lot of action, a lot of fighting.”

Enright’s mindset is exactly the kind of mindset that should be incredibly prevalent within the Obama Administration. Kill ‘em. Kill every last jihadist who swears death upon the West. Annihilate them.

Sadly, while this actor takes the fight to this scum, our president cannot even muster the ability to candidly discuss the dangers of radical Islam.

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