Stomach-churning pictures show Mexicans jumping on to trains to reach the U.S. (and the terrible injuries of those who are crushed beneath the wheels)

We know what illegal immigrants will do in order to try and sneak into America.  Recent stomach-churning photos have shown just how desperate the situation is and can be…


Shocking new images have emerged showing the risks taken and the injuries sustained by the young men who jump on to and off speeding trains in Mexico in a desperate attempt to reach the United States.

The majority of those attempting to hitch a ride on the trains are from Central American countries like Honduras and El Salvador who are willing to risk their lives for the opportunity to work illegally in menial jobs should they ever actually reach the U.S..

Referring to America as ‘the promised land’ the train hoppers that manage to make it on to a speeding locomotive are seen clinging on for dear life as they tear through the countryside of northern Mexico to the border they stand little to no chance of actually making it across.

You can see more of these gruesome photos here.  This video below is from what they call ‘The Beast.’

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