Store Owner Faces 3 Armed Robbers Who Take His Wife Hostage…What He Did Next? HEROIC!

Store Owner Faces 3 Armed Robbers Who Take His Wife Hostage…What He Did Next? HEROIC!

We possess a duty to protect ourselves and our family. We possess a God-given right to do what we need to do to preserve our own lives and the lives of loved ones. One storeowner understood that premise well and when robbers came into his store and took his wife hostage, he jumped into action and because of this, he and his wife are alive today.


A Shop-N-Go store at the 4900 block of Columbia Avenue fell victim to what police believe was a total of 3 armed robbers on Tuesday, but they weren’t expecting the store owner to fight back.

Bunthan Te said the 3 armed robbers entered his store around 10 p.m. Te attempted to draw his handgun, but with his lack of training, he struggled as it apparently became ‘snagged on the holster.’

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One of the armed robbers took note of this and pursued Te just as he finally freed his weapon. Te then ran into a cooler for cover. One of the gunman engaged Te after he caught up to him, and a brief shootout ensued. The gunman fled, and it still isn’t clear whether he was struck or not.

Te then advanced from the cooler back into the open area of the store, where he found another gunman had taken his wife hostage.

Upon seeing her husband, Te’s wife struggled and broke free. A second shootout then occurred, and that gunman also retreated. The third gunman apparently retreated earlier.

According to Fox 4, one suspect was fatally shot by Te and was discovered deceased in the parking lot by police.

But perhaps the icing on the cake is Te’s background. Bunthan Te hates guns. Bunthan Te isn’t well trained either. But he stated, “That’s why I shoot. To protect her. To protect my family.”

Remarkably, only a few weeks ago at a Town Hall on guns, President Obama talked down to a rape victim who now carries a concealed handgun to protect herself from ever becoming a victim again. Obama told her that it takes extensive training to be able to protect yourself, insinuating that her gun will be of little or no use to her.

But now we have an incident where an untrained store owner who struggled just to unholster his handgun fought 3 armed robbers who took his wife hostage, and walked away without a scratch on himself, or his bride. At least one armed robber was deceased while the other two headed for the hills.

Gun-grabbers don’t want to hear about these factual occurrences because it defeats their agenda. But the American people do, and they take note. Concealed carry permit holders are at an all-time high, especially among women. And as more law-abiding citizens carry, more bad guys get shot, more stories like these hit the media, and it becomes the most wonderful domino effect to watch.

This my friends is how you stop violent crime – more ‘good guys with guns.’ The word of the day is ‘WINNING!’Carry on…

On a side note: Although Te was untrained, he fought and won. But please, give yourself every possible advantage you can should you find yourself in a life or death situation. Train regularly, carry always, and be safe.

In college, a friend of mine took a shift at a coffee stand where I worked. That night, he was robbed at gunpoint. When he was told to turn around and about to be executed, my friend did the only thing he could to survive: he pulled his concealed carry piece and shot the robber several times.

I like to believe that the last thing that went through the robber’s head was, “I didn’t see that coming! I never even considered that he would be armed!”

This should serve as a lesson to all scumbag robbers: more Americans are choosing to carry each and every day. Choose a different profession.

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