Store Owner Posts Signs Saying He Is Leaving Town Because Residents Are ‘Homeless Bums, Lowlifes and Retards’

Store Owner Posts Signs Saying He Is Leaving Town Because Residents Are ‘Homeless Bums, Lowlifes and Retards’

A store owner has simply had enough with the “Marxist zombies” who inhabit his town and has even hung a sign declaring as such. Predictably, many residents of the Kansas town are not too happy with the signs that call them out for their supposed laziness and collectivist leanings. The Daily Mail reports:


A Kansas furniture store owner is closing up shop and leaving town, but not before he tells other residents what he thinks about them.

Bob Fyfe, the owner of Payless Furniture in Lawrence, has polarized the community by posting signs on a large truck in his store parking lot that attack the town.

The main sign reads; ‘Lawrence: Commie and Candy Ass Capitol [sic] of Kansas. Goodbye Obamaville.’

Other signs go after the residents of the town, and their support of President Barack Obama in the 2012 election, a man that Fyfe calls a ‘liar, lawbreaker, hardcore Marxist dictator, pro-Muslim, anti-Jew, anti-Christian race divider.’
As for the people of Lawrence, they are called everything from ‘retards’ and ‘lowlifes’ to ‘homeless bums’ and ‘Marxist zombies.’

The children of the town meanwhile are characterized as ‘sheeplike spoiled and lazy urban candy asses’ and ‘dumbdowner slaves.’

In an interview with Fox 4, Fyfe said of the signs; ‘There’s things that you can’t say that are really harmless words. They’re just words.’

He then said of Lawrence; ‘They don’t call it Snobville for nothing. You get a lot of kids here from Johnson County, you know rich kids.’

And while some residents have told Fyfe they are fans of the signs, other have started protesting outside his store.

‘I don’t want people to be stopping and putting this kind of thing on Facebook and blowing it up to be a big thing,’ said protester Adam Dorssom, who was outside the store with a sign that read ‘Pay no mind to worthless bigots.’

flash mob of protesters also organized outside the store on May 11, waving goodbye to Fyfe while dancing and hula hooping.

As for Fyfe, he will not reveal where he is moving, but did say; ‘It’s just a bummer being around these people, and I want to be around people that are freer, and they love their country, and they believe in work.’

As America moves more and more towards a defunct model of economics where those who refuse to provide for themselves are coddled at the expense of those who produce, we can expect to see more and more of such people who are tired of lowlifes negatively impacting their livelihood.

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