Stray dog kicked by driver, returns with a pack of friends… and trashes his car

When this guy kicked a dog for being in his parking spot, he probably didn’t expect the dog to come back with his friends.  He probably didn’t expect his neighbors to be taking pictures either.


The vandalism was photographed by a startled neighbour, who showed the driver the next morning the evidence that a series of dents and marks on his car were caused by a pack of hounds.

Stray dogs in China are sometimes grabbed off the street and thrown into dog fights.

China has no animal cruelty laws, and a person who damages a dog or another animal can only be prosecuted for damaging property if the animal belongs to somebody.

Since there are no animal cruelty laws, apparently the dogs had to take matters into their own hands. Next time the guy should just lure him away from the parking spot with a steak.

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