Student BRAGS About GPA, Her Nice Legs And ‘Undocumented Status’ – Gets Reported…

Student BRAGS About GPA, Her Nice Legs And ‘Undocumented Status’ – Gets Reported…

The left loves to talk about “immigrants.” Immigrants are an important part of our society. Illegal immigrants, however, are criminals and need to vacate our country. Period. One young, bright girl seemingly forgot that her crime is still a crime and bragged about being an illegal. As a result, her boast has caught the attention of people who may soon deport her (when the rule of law is re-established.)


From Louder with Crowder:

Oh to be young and feel stupidity’s keen sting. A recent high school graduate took to Twitter to boast about her grades, appendages, and scholarship – which was fraudulently acquired… Because she’s an illegal immigrant. Tell me again how illegal immigrants are “hiding in the shadows.” Also, she’s getting a free ride through college via taxpayers’ money. Yay her! Except not really, because her bragging went viral. Now everyone knows her full name, school, and location. Aaaand they know she’s a law-breaking criminal. #Oops…

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Yeah, she deleted her account. Just couldn’t take the heat, despite what one may assume about someone from Mexico. I know, I know. She may be illegal but she’s successful. No harm done. She has a high GPA so she must be a good person, right?

She’s an unfortunate turdbomb. And no, it’s not because she’s Mexican… which she’s obviously very proud of. Stupidly, might I add, seeing as Mexico won’t be paying for her college tuition. Or her healthcare. Or her food stamps. The point is that this person broke the law and is happy about it. There are plenty of American students (or legal immigrants) who have high grades and accolades. Can we give them scholarships first?

By the way, this perfectly illustrates the non-existence of “white privilege.” A little research shows this person received tons of rewards because she’s smart and brown. No, really. She got “Latino” specific awards. I suspect her skin color also had more to do with her scholarship than her actual grades. But I’m just a law-abiding bigot. What do I know?

Are you frustrated? You should be. This dummy just insulted every immigrant who’s ever come to the States legally. While they’re working hard to do it the right way, she’s cheating the system.3 This is why people are fed up with the current state of politics. Under Obama, these crimes are encouraged and rewarded (see Five Shocking “Free” Things Illegals Get Under Obama That You Don’t…). For example, this gal gets expensive college tuition for free. Meanwhile you get to pay for it. And if you complain… you’re a racist.

This young lady is a criminal. Yes, she’s bright. Yes, she may intend to add value to this country. However, the mere fact that she is here illegally demands that she no longer receive the benefits this country has to offer.

If she’s so smart, she should be able to navigate the legal immigration system. Until then, she has enjoyed enough of this country’s benefits. She needs to be returned to Mexico and feel grateful that she does not endure jail time for her crime.

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