Subway Orders All Jared Fogle Signs Down… But With A Catch

Subway Orders All Jared Fogle Signs Down… But With A Catch

Jared Fogle, the iconic spokesman for Subway who lost over 200 pounds while eating their sandwiches, is in deep trouble. The Executive Director of his charity to help obese children was just nailed by the FBI on child pornography charges. Two months ago, Fogle’s home was raided as well. Now, Subway has suspended ties with Fogle pending an investigation. Turns out they are taking down his face everywhere across the nation – but Subway is insinuating it is only until the investigation plays out. They are telling franchise holders to keep the merchandise just in case. That’s the fair thing to do… but once child pornography is tied to you, no matter who was guilty of the deed, you are toast. It would be a fatal PR move to keep him on after this and I suspect Subway knows this. No one wants to associate tasty goodness with child pornography. No way.

Jared Fogle

From TMZ:

Jared Fogle is the invisible man at Subway — and not because he’s losing weight — his image is quickly being removed from shops across the country … but he’s not going far.

TMZ spoke with a slew of Subway stores … and we’re told word came down from corporate to take down or cover up ALL signs of the now suspended pitchman — after his home was raided Tuesday as part of a child porn investigation.

What’s interesting though … we’re told store owners were instructed to hold on to all Jared promo materials — just keep them out of sight in the back, “until someone says otherwise.”

We did speak with one store who said their manager said toss the Jared stuff in the trash. Obviously, not everyone’s expecting a comeback.

Fogle had a 15 year run with Subway, which is very good in terms of a media campaign. He’s older now and the weight is starting to come back some. I think it is time both parties moved on. Fogle and Subway both have a lot of damage control to do here and it is yet to be seen if Fogle was in any way involved. I doubt he was, but we just don’t know. However, in advertising, this is something you don’t come back from. The public can forgive a lot, but not child pornography. The longer the investigation drags on, the worse it will get. Fogle hasn’t been detained or charged, just tainted by this whole toxic mess. It’s unfair and tragic. I feel for him, but now he will need to rebrand and start over once the dust settles.

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