‘Subway Surfers’ Make It Halfway Through A Tunnel…Then See Train Coming FULL SPEED! – VIDEO

‘Subway Surfers’ Make It Halfway Through A Tunnel…Then See Train Coming FULL SPEED! – VIDEO

You can call it a scary case of tunnel vision, or you can call it by it’s real name. STUPID, and stupid, you can’t fix. We have all done stupid things in our lives. A lot of that has happened while we were teenagers, still learning about ourselves.


But somewhere in the world, 100 idiots are born every 5 seconds and these guys are just a small minority of those 100. I mean, this is stuff you do as a kid, because you’re an idiot. But as an adult? No way.

Three men were recording their journey through a darkened tunnel with a train track running right through it. Their filming took place in the San Fernando valley of California…right there explains a lot.

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The ‘subway surfers’, as they are referred to in their ‘line of profession’, were seemingly being filmed by a fourth person walking behind them. As what usually happens when one walks down a darkened tunnel – the light gets dimmer. If you’re prepared, you would’ve brought a flashlight, which these guys did.

‘This is gonna be loud as f***,’ one of them said to the rest.

‘Hey, train, train, train!’ in the background footage, one can hear, ‘Turn off your lights!’

‘Oh s***! Run, run, run, run, run!’

The surfers frenziedly booked it out of the tunnel as fast as they could and just as a horn from an oncoming train blared at them. They just barely make it out of the tunnel before it goes blaring out, leaving the group relived, yet scared as hell.

‘Ah, ah, ah, f***!’ another one of the men speaks out. The clip of the alarming train was posted on YouTube on July 25, earlier this year by a person named Brian Garcia, where it has racked up more than 55,000 views for, let’s hope, learning purposes…like don’t be an IDIOT.

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