Surviving an ISIS Massacre [includes GRAPHIC VIDEO]

Surviving an ISIS Massacre [includes GRAPHIC VIDEO]

This is a truly incredible story of one mans survival of an evil ISIS attack on his troop. The video is graphic, but this is the reality of what he survived and what Obama created by withdrawing troops from the Middle East. The sequence of events leading to his ultimate freedom is absolutely spellbinding – be sure to watch the entire video, and share with your friends and family. ISIS is evil, and too many do not understand the true malignance they represent.

“At that point,” Mr. Kadhim said, “I had a great will to live.”

“At that point,” Mr. Kadhim said, “I had a great will to live.”

From the New York Times:

DIWANIYA, Iraq — Ali Hussein Kadhim, an Iraqi soldier and a Shiite, was captured with hundreds of other soldiers by Sunni militants in June and taken to the grounds of a palace complex in Tikrit where Saddam Hussein once lived.

The militants, with the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, separated the men by sect. The Sunnis were allowed to repent for their service to the government. The Shiites were marked for death, and lined up in groups.

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Mr. Kadhim was No. 4 in his line.

As the firing squad shot the first man, blood spurted onto Mr. Kadhim’s face. He remembered seeing a video camera in the hands of another militant.

“I saw my daughter in my mind, saying, ‘Father, father,’ ” he said.

He felt a bullet pass by his head, and fell forward into the freshly dug trench.

“I just pretended to be shot,” he said.

I would have pretended to be shot too. Anything you can do to survive, you do

29survivor-screen-master315 (315x178)

An image of the massacre in Tikrit posted by ISIS militants. Mr. Kadhim identified himself as the man in the foreground to the left of the man in green clothing



This story of survival was mesmerizing to me.  This man defeated every odd against him to come out telling his story of the horror that is ISIS. The least we can do is share his story and demand Obama stop ISIS immediately.



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