AUDIO: ‘Swearing’ Barbie doll shocks mum as it blurts out ”What the f***?”

AUDIO: ‘Swearing’ Barbie doll shocks mum as it blurts out ”What the f***?”

My daughter never played with Barbies. Not because they cuss, but because I feel that they gave an unhealthy image to her of what is supposedly ‘ideal’ for women to look like. She was also dark haired and blue eyed with freckles, and let’s face it, not too many Barbies out there that look like her. Why start her out early with an inferiority complex if I don’t have to?


This article had me in stitches over this ‘cussing’ Barbie:

A mum has told of her outrage after hearing her young daughter’s talking Barbie doll scream: “What the f***?”

Talina Evans, 25, couldn’t believe her ears when she heard seven-year-old Demileigh’s toy blurt out the swear word.

The foul-mouthed doll, who has several voice-activated buttons on her belt, appears to sing something inaudible before screeching the shocking phrase.

Shocked mum Talina, from North Wales, said she immediately took the toy, made by Mattel, from her daughter and demanded an explanation from her local Home Bargains store.

“She had wanted the doll for a while so my dad bought it for her and I let her have it.

“She loved it and has been playing with it constantly ever since.”

Hahahah! Here’s a video to really make you laugh. I don’t think any child should be exposed to vulgar language, but this is hilarious from an adult standpoint. The mum, demanded an explanation from her local retailer. Duh, lady, call Mattel. But I will take several of these foul mouthed divas for gag gifts.


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