Tattooed MMA Fighter Thinks He’s BOSS, Gets Knocked Out INSTANTLY! (Video)

Tattooed MMA Fighter Thinks He’s BOSS, Gets Knocked Out INSTANTLY! (Video)

Really, confidence is GREAT, so much confidence that you’re borderline A-hole…not so much. This MMA fighter during the publicity shoot pre-fight had no shame in acting a fool towards the more humble fighter…who seemed understandably a little uncomfortable with the situation. Then comes fight day, and well…I’ll let you witness for yourself what happened to Mr. Too Cool For School


A heavily tattooed MMA fighter known as “Julz the Jackal” decided he was going to act like a total bad-ass during the weigh-in, encroaching on opponent Ben Nguyen. However, a couple seconds into the actual fight, it became clear that maybe The Jackal wasn’t so tough, and with those tattoos he might be trying a little too hard to be a lizard-man, when really he’s just a substandard MMA fighter.

Within about twenty seconds of the match…well, you’ll see:

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Well at least now we know, without a doubt, that tattoos look like they may possibly offer some kind of superpower…but in real life, they do not…


Poor fella…

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