Teacher under fire for telling students THIS TRUTH about Obama

Teacher under fire for telling students THIS TRUTH about Obama

Parents in Georgia claimed that a middle school teacher insulted President Obama, calling him “evil” and “a Muslim: in front of her class.  The parents also allege that the teacher said that Obama “hates America,” which may or may not be true. I mean, let’s be honest, he’s either evil or incompetent, both of which should have disqualified him from a second term as the U.S. President, but I digress.


From WKTV:

Parents of a Georgia middle school student have accused a teacher of making disparaging remarks about President Barack Obama to students, calling him an evil man who hates America.

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The parents, Jimmie and Stephanie Scott, tell The Courier Herald of Dublin that a teacher told her students that President Barack Obama is a Muslim and that Christians should not follow him.

The parents complained, and Dublin Schools Superintendent Chuck Ledbetter says he’s advised the teacher not to take political positions in conversations with students. He also says additional training for teachers is planned.

The Dublin newspaper reports that it contacted the teacher and her husband and that they declined to comment.

Dublin is about 130 miles southeast of Atlanta.

So what do you think? Was this teacher in the wrong for spreading her beliefs to middle school students?

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